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Why shop one. ?

In a smaller town like Augusta, you want to be different and it is our goal to keep you dressed this way. At one. ~ we hand select a small, curated collection from the top Contemporary designers across the globe. In this selection, each style is represented in limited quantity to maintain and create a look that is  “one of a kind”. Shopping local means keeping yourself unique… Ordering from ecommerce that produces fashion in bulk results in everyone beginning to look alike. Showing up to your anniversary dinner with a dress that no one else is IMPORTANT, right!! At one. ~ we check who has what for what event and we try our VERY best to make sure that you are not duplicated!

Now that we have created the “one. of a kind” style in your closet… it is important to have a place that is a “one. stop shop”. At one. ~ you will find the best denim in stock for your dress down days to pair with the perfect tee.  Heading to the biggest gala in town, have no fear because we will have you covered here and the accessory to complete the look!

At one. we believe that if you can find it at a small business... Then you should. Shopping at a small business over shopping ecommerce or at a big box store is VITAL to our community and here is why! Did you know that for EVERY $1 you spend in a small local business that 67 cents stays in the local community.


What does that mean to you?

We believe in our community and give back to Augusta through donating to charities... such as Children’s Hospital of Georgia, Augusta University, Apparo Academy, Morris Museum, Historic Augusta, local school auctions & SO MANY MORE!

Did you know that our Annual Denim Drive this past August at one. collected over 190 pairs of denim at a value over $19,000 to benefit Safe Homes of Augusta helping those in need?

Our team at one. consists of 16 people. Some of us are mothers raising our children together & some are college students that come back for the holidays. Some are in high school learning values that they will use later in life and others hold employment elsewhere but make our Saturdays super FUN!

Every time you spend a dollar at a SMALL business YOU are literally providing for families, charities and YOUR local community!

Happy Shopping!

xoxo ~ Stacey and the girls at one.




Surrey Center

453 Highland Avenue

Augusta, Georgia 30909 


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